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Line Kroezen is TG's Specialist in Creativity and Messy Play!

Line Kroezen joins TG's Big Family at Urangan

A Diverse Team

It is always interesting to hear each TG´s Educator's story, and Line Kroezen hails from quite a lot further than Australia.

She was born in Canada and grew up in South Africa.

We can imagine all the curious questions TG's children will have for Line when they find out where she is from and where she grew up!

TG's is proud to embrace diversity and inclusivity among our staff, families and communities. It is part of our values of Belonging, Being and Becoming. Everyone brings in their unique gifts to share, and it is something that helps us to build beautiful relationships and foster collective thinking.

Engaging the Senses

Sensory play is an important part of a child's learning journey. It makes the world a rich place when a child has opportunities to learn so much through every fibre of their being. It is what makes Playing is Learning for Life. When a child is outdoors and listening to the sounds of insects, experiencing the strange texture of a leaf, inhaling the smell of the sea, tasting the citrusy bite of a fruit, noticing the iridescent colours of the inside of a shell ... they are soaking up so much knowledge without even realising it. And a child's natural curiosity needs a safe, loving open space where they are free to ask questions and wonder and form their own conclusions.

Line grew up loving horse riding and reading, so she had the best of both worlds - being outdoors and feeling the warmth of the sun and the strong body of a horse taking her on imaginary adventures, and staying indoors and disappearing into the depths of her creativity and imagination.

Not surprisingly, sensory play with the children is something Line loves doing. She enjoys watching the children grow and learn. In fact, a special gift she has brought to TG's to share with the children is her talent for creativity and messy play! There is nothing a child loves more than to simply be allowed to be a child and engage in fun!

Line studied her Certificate 3 in Childcare in 2012 and finished her Diploma in 2021 and she has been working in childcare for 6 years. Creativity & Messy Play were perhaps not one of the compulsory subjects in her Diploma, but they are certainly highly useful skills to bring to share with TG's children! Line is also a good listener and that is a beautiful skill to have when working with children. There is so much a child wants to share and it is a gift to have a willing pair of ears to be there for them to experience their amazing worlds.

I once walked right into a door and that created quite a laugh! Luckily it didn't hurt much, and that's my positive outlook on life, that sometimes it is okay to be messy and have a laugh!

No Need to be a Wonder Woman

Line also loves helping others. TG's team of educators are there to paddle the canoe together and support each other's careers. While Line wishes she could have the super power to be Wonder Woman, the truth is we all need support and a leg up, and our beautiful TG's Family is there for our educators, families and communities so nobody has to be Wonder Woman alone.

For Line, she is proud of her accomplishments - she had the confidence to follow her dreams and finish her Diploma. She also places family as one of the most important things in her life, and being married is an important accomplishment for her to feel the joy and love of happiness.

Line is looking forward to building beautiful relationships with the amazing staff at TG's Urangan, and having lots of messy fun with the children!

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About TG's Child Care

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