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Why be a TG's Educator?

To be a TG's educator is to embody the ideal of Playing is Learning for Life. Every TG's educator sees TG's as their extended family and they love going to TG's every day, as much as the children do. The loving, nurturing environment at TG's extends to the educators too!

TG's educators can be identified by these traits:

  • They love being curious and creative - they invent FUN every day!

  • Their experiences, skills, unique characters become gifts they share with everyone.

  • They are keen observers and can identify each child's interests, understand their backgrounds, development levels and experiences. 

  • They make learning fun and relevant for the children, combining what the children do outdoors with their indoor curriculum.

  • They explore ways to grow each child's gifts. 

  • Each TG's educator is a mentor and leader. They thrive at TG's because they have the opportunity to grow and shine. They are hungry to keep developing their professional career with TG's.  

  • They identify their gifts and those of their team, working towards success as a team.

  • They are empowered with leadership opportunities and want to reach their fullest potential. 

  • They are good listeners and have a voice in their teams. 

  • They are excellent communicators with families and are excited to involve families in the learning journeys of the children.

  • They understand the importance of empathy to connect with children, educators, families and the communities. 

As a TG's educator, your gifts and strengths are recognised and matched to each group of children under your care. You grow in an environment that resonates with trust, support, respect and love. 

We are proud that TG's Child Care won Employer of Choice at the Armidale Regional Business Awards in 2017. TG's is more than just child care. Our educators have the passion and drive to go beyond. 

An important testimony to the magic of TG's - we have TG's children who have grown with us as children and who later grew up to join TG´s again as educators.


We know we have done it right when the TG's Way becomes a way of life. 

TG's Child Care

TG's is the stewardship of children's future.

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