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About TG's Child Care

Award-winning TG’s Child Care is one of Australia’s leading early learning - preschool and long day care provider for children 6 weeks to 6 years old. 



For over 20 years, TG's Child Care has been the Stewardship of Children's Future

Welcome to the beginning of your child’s early learning journey. At TG’s Child Care, we are here to make that journey a loving and joyful experience together with you. 

I have been a preschool teacher for more than 32 years and I have seen the roles of women in society change dramatically. Parents now juggle many demanding roles at work and at home. They take on heavy responsibilities and guilt in wanting to provide the best for their children. That is why I set up TG's Child Care. We provide parents with a quality, professional learning environment for children that is safe, offers a comprehensive well-rounded education and where children are enthusiastic to go to every day.

TG's Child Care provides Life Long Quality Care and Learning

At TG's, Playing is Learning for Life. Simply put, learning is more effective when it is fun. Children feel safe learning through play while they create strong bonds with each other. We provide an environment that allows children to discover new things, explore, get curious and be creative. 

Gayle Kee​

General Manager, TG's Child Care

Our integrated award-winning natural playspaces and gardens are a vital part of our learning environment where children are fully supported in their emotional, cognitive, creative, passive and active development.

I extend a warm, loving welcome to your family as you all become part of the TG’s Family.

As Australia’s leading early learning - preschool and long day care provider for children 6 weeks to 6 years old, we adopt the principles of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) from the Australian Government’s Department of Education. 

At TG's, we see ourselves as the stewardship of children's future. Children learn respect for each other and cultivate a love of learning that will take them through to primary, high school and beyond as valuable and reliable members of our community.

TG's business model is one of sustainability - we look at how we impact the environment, social aspects and economy of our locations. TG's fosters values, attitudes, skills and behaviours that support sustainable development. TG's children build eco-intelligence by learning how to care for their environment. We embrace diversity and equality, expanding the children's vision of Australia society and culture. Children learn to appreciate our communities as a valuable source of sustainable business and economic support. 

For over 20 years, parents have entrusted their children with TG's, knowing that they are cared and nurtured by our professional, qualified and experienced educators in a secure, creative and fun environment. We have grown from one centre to six across Australia. Our children and their families have grown with TG's over the years. Today, TG's is recognised by each community for their high quality of care, education and community engagements.

We build success for life starting right here at TG's. At TG's, children:

  • Build a strong sense of identity

  • Connect with and contribute to their world

  • Cultivate a strong sense of well-being

  • Become confident and involved learners

  • Are effective communicators


Every single child at TG's grows to be well-rounded individuals who form meaningful connections with their world through belonging, being and becoming. 

Once again, welcome to TG's Child Care.

Gayle Kee

General Manager


Excellence in Customer Service - Small Business in Uralla in 2018 and 2019

Inaugural Uralla Shire Business Awards 2018
Employer of Choice at the Armidale Regional Business Awards 2017

Excellence in Business at the Armidale Regional Business Awards 2017

Excellence in Business at the Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards 2017

Excellence in Service, Wauchope Chamber of Commerce Awards 2015

Gayle Kee - Business Leader of the Year - Armidale 2015

TG's Way

For children, the TG’s Way cultivates a love of learning that takes them through all their school years and beyond as valuable and reliable members of their community.


For educators, the TG's Way is a culture of sharing, caring, kindness and inclusivity. It is providing play and enquiry-based curriculums and encouraging creative mind-sets and critical thinking.


TG's Child Care

TG's is the stewardship of children's future.

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