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Award-winning TG’s Child Care is one of Australia’s leading early learning - preschool and long day care provider for children 6 weeks to 6 years old. 



Welcome to TG's Child Care

a family-friendly and fun place for children to play, grow and learn - where “Playing is Learning for Life”.

TG's Child Care is family owned and operated. TG's provides care and support for the modern working family with emphasis on Quality Care and Life-Long Learning for young children.
At TG’s Child Care our mission statement is “Playing is Learning for Life” and we strive to make a significant difference to the lives of children and families, our team and our community through play, learning and laughing so everyone has the opportunity to live to their fullest potential.


TG’s Child Care centres  are nurturing, natural, safe and secure, supporting local families and providing their children with the opportunity to play, live and learn in a well-designed, beautiful and engaging learning environment.

Nature based early childhood environment

TG’s Child Care was born more than 22 years ago, when Trevor, a qualified landscape designer and Gayle, an experienced early childhood teacher had a vision to create a nature based early childhood environment.

Gayle and Trevor Kee​

Owners of TG's Child Care

TG’s natural outdoor environments have been carefully designed and constructed with intentionality by Trevor and Gayle. They are designed as exciting and dynamic places for children to explore and develop skills in a way that challenges and supports both fine and gross motor, curiosity, social and emotional intelligence, active and passive play and varying moods and needs. This encourages children to explore and move in different directions, it creates movement and interest and is where Playing is Learning for Life. Children feel safe, secure and supported and have lots of fun learning through play in these beautiful natural environments. 

TG’s environments allow children to build relationships and life skills as they are encouraged and supported to explore, experiment, discover, be curious and creative. 
Gayle is responsible for creating a positive organisational culture of playfulness and fun, critical thinking, reflection, inquiry, education and continual improvement. TG’s Child Care is a friendly, nurturing and educational environment, and a fun and happy place to be. 

TG’s unique and inspirational curriculums support children to be involved in an inclusive play and enquiry-based learning environment that promotes competence, independence and exploration. Our qualified and dedicated teams of educators are highly experienced and skilled and they all work together as a team to ensure the well-being and development of each child is maximised. Quality outcomes for all children are designed  as educators  encourage, support and equip young children with the skills they need to succeed in life. They nurture each child’s interests and individual stages of development so that they may establish a life-long compassion, love and respect for themselves, their environment and their community. 

Exploring nature is embedded into our practices so that it is sustained and builds a foundation of values for making the world a better place. Our purpose is to develop independent and creative young minds, encouraging collective thinking with their peers and making a significant difference. With our play and enquiry-based curriculum, the children build relationships with each other, identify their own strengths and share their gifts with their friends and others around them and are supported to reach their fullest potential. Our environment is rich in love, care and respect.

For over 22 years, TG's Child Care has been the Stewardship of Children's Future

TG's business model is one of sustainability - we look at how we impact the environment, social aspects and economy of our locations. TG's fosters values, attitudes, skills and behaviours supporting children to become environmentally responsible. TG's children build eco-intelligence by learning how to care for their environment and ensure its sustainability and long term future. Children also learn to appreciate our communities as a valuable source of sustainable business and economic support. 
Today, TG’s is recognised by locals for their high quality of care, education and community engagements. TG’s understands that the early childhood years are crucial in preparing children for a lifetime of learning. At TG's, children learn respect for each other and cultivate a love of learning that will take them through to primary, high school and beyond as valuable and reliable citizens of our community. We embrace and respect diversity and equality, expanding the children's vision of our culture and society.
Our educators all believe it is a privilege to be able to assist local families in the care and education of their children. They are actively engaged  with each child, developing positive relationships, and nurturing the hearts, minds and motivations of children. Children are seen as capable and competent problem-solvers, conflict resolvers, inventors, artists, designers, construction workers, welfare workers and future architects, politicians and leaders of the world. Every single child at TG's is encouraged and supported to become well-rounded young citizens who form meaningful connections with their world through belonging, being and becoming.


TG’s children:

  • Build a strong sense of identity

  • Connect with and contribute to their world

  • Cultivate a strong sense of well-being

  • Become confident and involved learners

  • Are effective communicators

Early Learning for Rural and Regional Australia

TG’s Child Care has a strong presence across regional Australia committed to high quality care, education and community engagements and renowned for diversity and inclusivity. We are one of Australia’s leading early education - preschool and long day care providers for children 6 weeks to 6 years old. 
TG’s implement the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) from the Australian Government’s Department of Education as the basis for our programs. Our daily curriculum incorporates the principles and practices from the EYLF and focuses on improving learning outcomes for all children.
Success for life starts right here at one of our six TG’s Child Care Centres - living, playing and learning the TG’s Way. 
TG’s Child Care guarantees a “World Class” nationally renowned natural environment with children’s gardens and playspaces, and a place where children can learn with curiosity, joy and fun, with a consistent team of fun-loving, friendly early childhood educators and a highly accredited and professional learning organisation.
We extend a warm, loving welcome to your family as you become part of the TG’s Family.
Playing is Learning for Life.


  • Exceeding rating achieved under the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care - High St Wauchope and Armidale centres

  • Excellence in Customer Service - Small Business in Uralla in 2018 and 2019

  • Inaugural Uralla Shire Business Awards 2018

  • Employer of Choice at the Armidale Regional Business Awards 2017

  • Excellence in Business at the Armidale Regional Business Awards 2017

  • Excellence in Business at the Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards 2017

  • Excellence in Service, Wauchope Chamber of Commerce Awards 2015

  • Gayle Kee - Business Leader of the Year - Armidale 2015


TG's Child Care

TG's is the stewardship of children's future.

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