TG's Riverbreeze Exceeds Quality Ratings

Last week we received our draft assessment and rating results.

Tonight we are celebrating and are extremely excited to share them with you. We are proud to say we received the Exceeding rating in 3 Quality areas.

Quality Area 1: Education Program and practice.. Quality Area 6: Collaborative partnerships with families and communities.. Quality Area 7: Governance and Leadership..

We received meeting in the remaining quality areas, with 3 more exceeding elements.  We are super proud of the Riverbreeze team!!

TG's Child Care

Playing it Forward with TG's.

TG’s Child Care is trusted by families as the stewardship of their children's future.  With our high quality early childhood practices and life-long learning, children are Playing it Forward from their very first day at TG's and onward into their future.

Our outdoor learning environment is the "Universe in Miniature" and we foster values, attitudes, skills and behaviours that support sustainable development. By showing care and respect today, we create a better environment for tomorrow.

Children can reach their fullest potential when we build meaningful engagements and partnerships with our families and community. At TG’s, we are making a positive and significant difference every single day. 

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