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TG's Child Care Award-Winning Gardens

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Imagine a place where you can have so much fun creating adventures and feel so safe you want to spend hours and hours there and not leave...

That is what TG´s beautiful award-winning gardens feel like!

TG’s playspaces provide a rich learning ground for children to explore and share their skills.

The first thing children will notice when they first arrive at TG’s Child Care is the fantastic landscaped environment that sparks their curiosity to come out and play. It is a warm and inviting place that makes one want to explore every nook and cranny!

TG’s co-founder Trevor Kee has brought his extensive landscape and design background to the fore to create dynamic environments where children can thrive, learn and have fun. Our award-winning outdoor gardens and playspaces are recognised Australia-wide and have been carefully designed to provide stimulating areas where each child has their own unique challenges to assist their social, emotional, cognitive, creative, passive and active development. It is a rich environment that is open in so many possibilities and caters to each child´s varying moods, needs and interests. TG's gardens speak to children and this is their little haven where they can be free to explore their gifts. This is where they feel safe, secure and supported as they learn each day through play in these beautiful natural environments.

Built from Scratch

TG´s Child Care recently opened our Urangan centre and all the months of preparation have been our labour of love. Once we found the perfect location and building, we refurbished the rooms and of course, we got down to creating our beautiful gardens. Regardless of where each TG's is, our outdoor environments are always carefully designed and made-over with creative playspaces, paved pathways, timber bridges and transition areas using natural materials and also local resources, in keeping with TG's sustainability values and our commitment to supporting local economies in each community. We were so bowled over by the warmth the Urangan community showed us in how the local trades helped us get the centre ready for endless hours of Playing is Learning for Life.

Respecting the Environment

Renovating the new centre at Urangan did not mean we bulldozed over everything that was there. TG's is highly conscious of the natural environment around us, and it is something we share with the children everyday - to take care of the environment they live in and build an appreciation of the beauty that is around them, in every leaf, every worm, every stone. Our golden palms are also part of our TG's Family and during the renovation process, we really wanted to make sure there was a way to relocate the palms to a happy place where they could also thrive and grow with us.

We want our children to become intellectually and socially eco-intelligent, and that starts with us. We set the examples from the very beginning even as a new TG's is being created in a community. Children learn how to take care of the vegetables in TG's gardens and we are doing the same by taking care of the big plants in the gardens. What makes TG's such a warm and friendly place is how we take every situation to be a gift - an opportunity to grow and shine. With the help of local trades, we managed to move the palms and it was a proud moment for us to build a relationship with the locals in the Urangan community and to feel good about doing our best to take care of our greenery.

Bringing in Joy

And now TG´s Urangan is already filled with the sounds of the children´s laughter and educators bustling about with lots of amazing activities for the children to engage in and explore. We love how TG´s Urangan is brought to life by the joy of the children who are eager to be here to build beautiful relationships with their peers, educators, families and the community.

First Steps to a Better World

We put in so much effort into creating TG's beautiful award-winning gardens because exploring nature is a part of our sustainability practices at TG's. It builds a foundation of values for making the world a better place, and it starts right here at TG's, from the first day a child steps through our door till beyond, long after they have left TG's.

In our natural and safe environment of the gardens, TG's children develop their independent and creative young minds, as well as engage in collective thinking with their peers. This is where children build relationships with each other, identify their own strengths and share their gifts with everyone around them. The feeling of love, care and respect flows in our gardens and through all the doors at TG's.

We are eager to share with the children at our new TG's Child Care Urangan how the centre went from an empty building and land to the beautiful TG's Family we have today. Children then learn to appreciate our communities as a valuable source of sustainable business and economic support.

Two dogs resting during TG´s Child Care Urangan new centre´s refurbishment works
Even the dogs chipped in to help! They are taking a well-deserved dog nap after a hard day´s work!

Each TG's Child Care is Special

We are so proud of each of our unique TG's gardens. Here we can explore, learn, experiment and let our creativity run free with amazing adventures. Spend a day at TG's and you will see why children, families and educators love coming here every single day!

TG´s Child Care Hastings Street, Wauchope

TG´s Child Care Riverbreeeze, Wauchope

TG´s Child Care High Street, Wauchope

TG´s Child Care Armidale

TG´s Child Care Uralla

Playing it Forward

TG’s gardens are natural spaces for children to build an appreciation and understanding of nature. What they learn here is connected to their development curriculum indoors in the classrooms and also to their daily lives. They become curious about nature around them and the playspaces engender an attitude of responsibility and caring for the environment they live in. The playspaces provide a rich learning ground for children to explore and share their skills. These skills they foster in the present will, in the future, be valuable assets to contribute to the communities they live in.

We believe children learn best when the physical environment supports curiosity with a range of creative opportunities for learning and physical activity, both indoors and outdoors. When we see how they explore, experiment and discover the world around them, we know we have created a little oasis just right for your child. Our outdoor learning environment is like a ¨Universe in Miniature¨ and every day we get to experience with the children their unique, beautiful learning journeys, right here in TG´s award-winning gardens.


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