Growing Joyful Responsibility through Play in 2019

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There is something beautiful growing at TG´s every single day. We love seeing how our children grow and change bit by bit, like the beautiful plants in our gardens!

Our Christmas Concert and Preschool Graduation at Alma Park last year was a wonderful way to acknowledge and celebrate every child´s growth at TG´s. The final result of their hard work was the applause and smiles from delighted family and friends who thoroughly enjoyed the concert! Even more important than the fun dance moves and lovely singing, it was the infectious enthusiasm and glowing confidence in the children that we are all so proud of! Like our plants, children grow best in a supportive, caring and happy environment!

There are new changes at TG´s with the introduction of a new sign in/out process. Our parents are having a go at using the QIKKIDS software on our iPads and Meg has been busy showing parents how easy it is to use it. This is an important procedure to ensure our records are accurate and families and educators have the security knowing where our children are in real time. This is also part of our sustainability efforts in reducing paper wastage and we are loving how it frees up administrative time so we can engage more with our children and families!

As an approved sun safety centre, we have been teaching our Joeys to have safe summer fun using sunscreen and making sure they have the right clothing for outdoor play.

Fun and learning at TG´s never ends. The Preschoolers have been having oodles of fun with a visit from our local firefighters with their big red fire trucks! They were so excited to see a real fire truck up close and personal and had lots of questions for the firefighters. They learnt about fire safety and walked away with an appreciation of the work these brave people do for their community.

We love how our children are also our little gardeners! They have been growing grass seed and watching how these tiny little things push through the soil and say hello to the sunshine over the month. TG´s children have many opportunities to be given age-appropriate responsibilities as they progress through the year. We love seeing their faces glow with pride as they are given the responsibility to care for something.

This is especially important as they move into Big School Transitions to prepare for big school this year. Having been given a great start at TG´s, we feel confident watching our big school kids move on to an exciting, independent phase in their education. ​ TG´s is like the Universe in miniature, and a very loving and fun one at that! This is a safe and loving place where each child can grow in independence, trust, compassion and joy!

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TG's Child Care

Playing it Forward with TG's.

TG’s Child Care is trusted by families as the stewardship of their children's future.  With our high quality early childhood practices and life-long learning, children are Playing it Forward from their very first day at TG's and onward into their future.

Our outdoor learning environment is the "Universe in Miniature" and we foster values, attitudes, skills and behaviours that support sustainable development. By showing care and respect today, we create a better environment for tomorrow.

Children can reach their fullest potential when we build meaningful engagements and partnerships with our families and community. At TG’s, we are making a positive and significant difference every single day. 

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