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TG's Child Care is recognised for their

TG's Way

and the 3 Foundation Stones

  • Building relationships

  • Understanding our gifts

  • Collective Thinking

These create TG’s unique culture of love, trust, respect, compassion and fun where children love to learn.

At TG’s, it is NOT just about learning in order to be ready for big school. 

Here, ​children learn love, trust, respect, compassion and fun by building relationships, recognising and appreciating their gifts and encouraging collective thinking. 

It’s called The TG’s Way. 

  • It helps children, families, educators and the community feel they are part of TG’s extended family

  • It attracts and retains the right people to deliver the best education for children

  • It helps TG’s build purposeful services that go above and beyond

  • It allows TG's to focus on delivering superior care and learning services

TG's key to success with families lies in our 3 Foundation Stones:

  1. Building Relationships

  2. Understanding our Gifts

  3. Encouraging Collective Thinking 

             The TG’s Way shapes and defines the culture within our service. By incorporating our values, three foundation stones, standards and expectations alongside a purpose and a mission, these elements enhance all educators' knowledge, understanding and awareness of high-quality practice for all children, families and community members.

For children, the TG's Way cultivates a love of learning that takes them through all their school years and beyond as valuable and reliable members of their community.

For educators, the TG's Way is a culture of sharing. It is based on a culture of caring, kindness and inclusivity. It is providing enquiry-based curriculums and encourages creative mind-sets and critical thinking and includes the 6 Hat Thinking framework by Edward de Bono.


It creates a culture of curiosity and inquiry, always hypothesising and exploring alternative and different possibilities and perspectives.

Indigo and Kade, social development at T

 Children build meaningful relationships with each other in their interactions that involve care, kindness and respect. 

Building Relationships

A natural collaborative base of all interactions between TG's highly qualified educators, children, families and communities. It is about having You, Me and Us Together conversations. Children build meaningful relationships with each other in their interactions that involve care, kindness and respect. 

Children are encouraged to be curious and ask questions.

TG’s forms close partnerships with families and educators, and people in the community also engage with TG´s as part of each child’s learning journey which starts from their very first orientation and continues through every single day they are with TG’s.

Understanding Our Gifts

It’s so beautiful to see TG’s welcoming, nurturing and recognising the gifts of families from different backgrounds and cultures and using these gifts to foster strong ties with their local communities.

TG’s maximises every child’s learning development and wellbeing through careful placement of educators. 

Each educator's strength is recognised and matched to each group of children. The focus is on each child’s interests, background, development levels and experiences to nurture, support and grow their unique gifts.

We advocate for everyone to reach their fullest potential. Every situation is an opportunity to grow and shine.

Leading, Playing and Winning as a Team. 

Encouraging Collective Thinking

The success of TG’s is achieved as a team. This team is called the TG’s Family.

Educators and children work collaboratively in a culture of inquiry learning, valuing and respecting what every person brings to our learning community. TG’s trusts, values and respects their educators, creating a culture of openness where everyone has a voice and is listened to. TG’s educators engage in reflective practices around facilitating and extending each child’s learning and development, proudly encouraging an environment based on Collective Thinking to achieve excellence.

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