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TG’s Child Care is the Employer of Choice at the Armidale Regional Business Awards 2017

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

TG's Child Care has accepted three awards at the Armidale Regional and Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards held in July 2017, proving “the TG’s Way” as a model for success in the child care industry. Securing the Excellence in Business and Employer of Choice awards was a fantastic acknowledgement by the business community of TG’s unique culture of relationship building. The "TG’s Way” provides a collaborative base between staff and parents which has enabled TG’s to build a productive, purposeful and educational experience for each child. TG's targeted these 5 areas of their Human Resource for improvement and achieved impeccable business performance, securing the coveted awards of Employer of Choice and Excellence in Business. Let's have a look at each of these areas.

1 – Streamlining HR Systems Staff education and development is an essential component to the HR mix. TG’s has subscribed to a program called Centre Support which is a service that keeps staff up-to-date with any changes of policies and procedures within the child care industry. Working with organisations such as Centre Support, Greyheart Consulting and the Australian Childcare Alliance has also meant that HR policies and procedures are streamlined across all TG's 5 centres.

2 – Driving Performance TG’s Employee Development Program (EDP) allows their educators to access specialised and tailored training in addition to workplace support. This ensures educators are receiving continued professional development aiding in staff retention. To assist with streamlining administration, TG’s have implemented a secure cloud-based storage system allowing easy document access for approved managers both saving them time improving efficiencies.

3 – Identifying the Need for New programs and Initiatives TG’s has experienced rapid growth in the last 24 months, expanding from 3 to 5 centres and from 65 to 95 educators supporting 468 children and 376 families every week.  Growing from a small to medium business TG’s recognised that they needed to implement mechanisms that are relevant and compliant to align staff with their growth strategies. There were gaps, inconsistencies and duplicated efforts discovered which made staff busy but unproductive. By engaging with local technology, government and recruitment specialists, TG’s was able to close gaps in their administrative procedures, improve recruitment processes while helping educators stay relevant in a rapidly changing industry. 

4 – Results with the three Pillars “The TG’s Way” The "TG’s Way" has paid dividends. Just consider these numbers:

-  39% above market growth rates. - Workplace performance increased staff retention from 18 months to 4 years.

Educators within TG's have been recognised by industry winning prestigious awards such as Tony Kee (NSW Trainee of the Year) and Coryl Reis (Australian Educator of the Year). This has been a direct result of a seamless placements and culture fit with staff to ensure they deliver their mission and meet/exceed their goals. Tailored and specialised staff training has transformed the workplace helping to engage and retain staff while reducing staff absenteeism and improving team dynamics. At TG's everyone pitches in to support each other – always looking for “what else can I do to help?”

5 - TG’s the Employer of Choice With their dedication to staff development and central mission of ‘Playing is Learning for Life’ it's no surprise that TG’s won Excellence in Business and Employer of Choice at the  Armidale Regional Business Awards plus winning Excellence in Business at the Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards 2017

Staff are involved in decision-making and strategic planning at operational levels, fostering a sense of ownership, inclusion and belonging. It is not uncommon for TG’s educators to schedule social activities ('play dates') outside work such as soccer, netball or dinners. All with an emphasis on team building.

The TG’s 'Pillars of Excellence' are based on relationship building, understanding their gifts and encouraging collective thinking.  This has provided the company with a scalable foundation for continued success and TG's can look with confidence to the future knowing that their staff are well nurtured, satisfied and able to confidently grow with the TG's Family.

"There's still more work to be done in terms of TG's culture development", says Gayle Kee, General Manager of TG's Child Care and Preschool. "We want our educators to confidently speak the language of TG's, live the TG's Way, promote our brand and loving it at TG's every day. With that, the educators will provide optimum, purposeful care and educational services to children and parents who are part of the TG's Family.".

Take a bow TG's, you deserve to be the Employer of Choice!

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For the press - Download our press release here. For media relations and speaking opportunities about TG's Way, please contact Veronica Lind.


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