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Welcome to TG's Play Studio (our newsroom) where we invent Fun

Playing is Learning for Life.

Over the last two years, Gayle and Trevor Kee grew TG's Child Care and Preschool 35% above market growth rate. It's a call to propel our brand confidence, and have fun along the way. Inspired by digital marketing and communications professionals, we started this TG's Play Studio where we will show you who we are, how we play to learn and why we invent fun. Over time, we hope this PR tool will transform how we engage with parents, the community, the media, our fans, stakeholders, employees, critics and more. 

Life is more Fun if you Play Games - Roald Dahl

TG's takes Fun seriously, so that we can create an experience of joy and learning. That's how you will learn about TG's, here in our Play Studio - where we celebrate our past, present and future. Have fun on our  Facebook page.

For more editorial information about TG's, please contact us here.


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