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TG’s Child Care is an integral part of young families

I understand as parents how you juggle the many demanding roles at work and at home. 

In more than 32 years as a pre-school teacher, I have seen the dramatic change in the roles of women in society. As more women enter the workforce, the modern family model has to change to adapt to the needs of parents struggling between work, home and raising children. I understand the responsibilities and guilt parents often take on themselves to provide the best for their children and that's why I set up TG's Child Care with the aim to provide parents with a quality, professional learning environment for children that is safe, offers a comprehensive well-rounded education and where children are enthusiastic to go to every day.

TG’s Child Care (TG's) has become a valuable and indispensable part of each community over the past 20 years. At TG's Child Care, we do what every parent wants - quality learning for life.

​“The staff at TG’s has been nothing short of amazing. As a first time mum it can be terrifying to leave your child in the hands of others but the TG’s family make the transition easy. They are very supportive and go above and beyond. I feel at ease leaving my child with TG’s as my child is loved and supported. Highly recommended!”, Natalie Bower.

TG’s is well-loved because we do what parents have always wanted to do for their child - lifelong quality learning. At TG’s, parents see their child’s emotional development and wellbeing progress in a loving and secure environment through to school readiness and independence.

When parents step into TG’s, everything just feels right. The award-winning gardens are natural play spaces to encourage children’s social, emotional, cognitive, creative, passive and active development. Our professional educators say, "Having fun and learning go hand in hand. TG’s is a stimulating environment built on love, trust, respect, compassion and FUN!¨ This is where Playing is Learning for Life.

Join TG’s Family, where parents gain greater peace of mind.

​Gayle Kee was also featured in Focus magazine: Celebrating Women in Business Read more here -


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