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Mel Ashley appreciates TG's Family First mindset

Updated: Feb 27

We are celebrating TG's Educators who have crossed the 10-year milestone with TG's Child Care! Each and every one of them has truly helped make TG's the warm and loving extended family the community trusts over the years!

I was offered to come and join the TG’s family by a past Educator. When I started, I found that everyone was treated equally regardless of your qualification. I immediately felt like part of the team.

Never have I worked anywhere where I am thanked daily just for doing my job. This was not something I had experienced in my previous places of employment! Nor have I worked somewhere where it is okay to call in sick when you have to care for your children. TG's Family First attitude enabled me to be there for my family and help them to be the successful young adults that they have become. My loyalty to a team that I laugh with daily and can also share the hard days with is a very small repayment for everything that TG's has given me. I have a truly supportive network here at TG's Hastings Street. - Mel Ashley, TG's Educator

Over the years I have held many roles. I started as Team Player, and then moved on to Room Leader, Work Health and Safety Officer and now to my current roles of Educational Leader and 2iC. TG's has fully supported me in each of these roles as I developed my skills and built my experience.

As an Educational Leader, I am proud to:

  • Collaborate with Educators and provide curriculum direction and guidance

  • Support Educators to effectively implement the cycle of planning to enhance programmes and practices

  • Lead the development and implementation of an effective educational program in the service

  • Ensure that children’s learning and development are guided by the learning outcomes of the approved learning frameworks.

I love seeing how TG's has evolved over the years from just having our Hastings Street campus here in Wauchope, to growing to two more beautiful services at High Street and Riverbreeze

Looking back at my ten years here at TG's, I have had so many memorable moments. Many of them were simply working alongside beautiful Educators, coming to work each day and having FUN! That's not something that everyone can say about their jobs! I also recall the Egg Awards Birthday Buddies. Janette once wanted to paint me in PVC glue and cover me in feathers! We had quite a laugh over that! Janette also knew about my fear of Blue Tongue Lizards so she would find one of these little creatures in the backyard and then chase me around the yard with it! Oh and I absolutely love the Christmas parties at TG's!

It's not easy for new Educators just starting out in this industry to know where to start. I'd say I really appreciate how TG's has a Family First mindset. They really support their Educators to manage work life balance. You just feel so taken care of here. They also really value their Educators by offering above award wage pay.

I'm proud of the ten years I've been at TG's, and am certainly looking forward to many more.

A big thank you to Melissa for sharing her beautiful thoughts with us. At TG's we are proud of the outer rings of impact we have on each of our Educators and their families. It is how we thrive together as TG's Family and as a community!


TG's Child Care locations and contact details:

Urangan QLD

+61 (07) 4184 2282 |

61 Miller St, Urangan, QLD 4655

Armidale NSW

+61 (02) 6772 7810 |

11 Samuelson Crescent, Armidale NSW 2350

Uralla NSW

+61 (02) 6778 3369 |

23B John St, Uralla NSW 2358

Wauchope - Hastings St NSW

33B Hastings St, Wauchope NSW 2446

Wauchope - High St NSW

+61 (02) 6585 3331 |

223A High St, Wauchope NSW 2446

Wauchope - Riverbreeze NSW

+61 (02) 6585 2981 |

3 Riverbreeze Drive, Wauchope NSW 2446


About TG's Child Care

As one of Australia's leading early learning Preschool and Long Day Care providers, TG's Child Care is dedicated to its philosophy of “Quality Lifelong Learning, where Playing is Learning for Life.” Children attending TG's Child Care are encouraged to experience a love and joy of learning throughout their time there and are equipped with skills and tools to continue their personal growth long after they’ve left.

At TG's, we acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where we work and live. We pay my/our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.


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