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TG's Winter 2020 menu accredited by the Munch Menu Grant Program!

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

We're happy to announce that our Winter 2020 menu has been reviewed and meets the Caring for Children Guidelines and the Munch & Move Assessment Criteria. And we're very proud of the overall comment given to our menu:  "A great menu which uses a variety of foods and vegetables and various textures."  ​At TG’s, children see food in a different way, simply because TG's children learn where food comes from and how it ends up on their plate. When they experience growing their own food in TG's gardens, they cultivate a sense of appreciation and responsibility for what they eat. Practical knowledge and humble appreciation then become food for the soul.

The comprehensive review considered requirements from the following categories:

  1. Menu Structure 

  2. Menu Communication 

  3. Menu for children 6-12 months

  4. Drinks 

  5. Red Meat Meals 

  6. White Meats & Non-Meat Meals

  7. Iron-containing Foods 

  8. Vegetables 

  9. Fruit

  10. Dairy 

  11. Breads, Cereals, Rice & Pasta 

  12. Mid Meals (Morning/Afternoon Tea)

  13. Sodium 

  14. Special Diets

You can download the full detailed report here


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