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Remembering Georgia Lawson

Each year we remember Georgia Lawson, who tragically died in an accident just 2 years ago. Post a tribute here >

On Tuesday 25th July 2017, Georgia's family and little friends gathered to remember her at TG's Riverbreeze centre in Wauchope. The highlight was the release of pink balloons, some with stars, as her classmates sang Georgia's favourite song; 'twinkle twinkle little star'.

It was a short and simple ceremony, so show TG's support for Tom and Lara Lawson and their little boy Lane by placing one of her star car mirror hangers made by Georgia's father, Tom.

The pink star hangers will be available from any of TG's Wauchope Child Care centres and the Gazette office until further advertised.

“I’m hoping the pink star will catch your eye as you look in the mirror before driving off, combining Georgia's photo in memory of our loss.  ​“Check before you drive to keep your kids alive, in a visual message,” Tom said.

To honour Georgia, TG's created a special outdoor play space which will be called 'Georgia's Garden'. Here, children will be able to sit, read and be mindful. A special place to keep alive the memory of a special little girl.

Local News - Port Macquarie News - 15th August 207 - Georgia Lawson's legacy lives on in family's child safety campaign


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