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Our Play Experts know that Playing is Learning for Life!

Come spend a day with our Play Experts at TG's and you'll see why playing is so important.

We are so proud of our Play Experts at TG´s Child Care! And yes, you've guessed it right, it's the children who are the Play Experts!

Play is often talked about as if it was a relief from serious learning, but for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood. - Fred Rogers

In fact, it's such a key philosophy that from the very first TG's centre, everything that has been designed and planned in TG's has been done with this aim. Our beautiful award-winning gardens have been specially designed to be natural, nurturing, safe and secure spaces for children to play, live and learn. Children can explore and develop their fine and gross motor skills, build curiosity, social and emotional intelligence, engage in active and passive play.

If you know us well enough by now, you'll know that we take pride in going the extra mile. It's not enough for us to simply implement Playing is Learning for Life. We also want to make sure our playspaces are infused with our sustainability values also.

As you walk through our gardens, you'll notice the paved pathways, timber bridges and transition areas that use natural materials and local resources. Our local trades have been an indispensable part of making every TG's possible. Trevor Kee is the mastermind behind all of TG's gardens, and he had it very clear he wanted to blend nature into TG's playspaces to create these dynamic, sustainable, natural environments where children can thrive to their fullest potential.

Reasons to Play

We trust that children know best how they learn best, and our Educators are here to observe each child carefully and plan relevant experiences to promote and facilitate all key areas of development. We create a secure, safe and loving environment where children can develop positive relationships with Educators and peers and feel free to explore, be adventurous and be open to new experiences.

When we interviewed our Play Experts, they shared with us Three Big Reasons why playing is so necessary.

1. It's fun!

Let's face it. If something is not fun, we wouldn't be doing it. Child, teenager or adult. When you visit TG's, one of the first things you'll notice is the sound of laughter. TG's children LOVE coming here. And so do our Educators. The children come to TG's everyday thinking about all the fun activities they get to do with their peers and their Educators. The wanting and willingness is key to learning anything. When it's fun, the children come to TG's completely self-motivated every single day.

Fun Fact: TG's is so fun that we've had TG's children graduate, grow up and return to TG's as Educators, and even TG's families who have seen how their children grew through TG's and they themselves decided to train to become Educators at TG's! Meg Barnden-Hyde is one such example. Read her story here! We'd have to say that's quite a testament to the power of Playing is Learning for Life!

And little bodies need fresh air, sunshine and lots of fun movement! TG's Play Experts love doing anything that gets them running, jumping, tunnelling, crawling and rolling! That is why TG's outdoor playspaces are given just as much importance. This is where the children are free to engage in different physical games that also foster team work and team spirit.

2. This is how we learn!

At TG's, the children are encouraged to explore and ask questions. They are given the freedom and space to wonder, experiment, try things out, form their own conclusions when they play. That's why it's important for TG's Educators to observe each child well, so they can plan activities that are relevant to their interests, experiences and backgrounds and take into account the unique learning journey of each child.

It is also how children build confidence. In their world of make believe, they can fully explore their gifts. When children play and let their imagination lead, nothing is impossible. In a child's world of play and imagination, they can be anything and anyone. Nothing is holding them back. It's a great way to build confidence, trust and self-esteem!

In play, there is no right or wrong. It becomes rich grounds for Educators to observe closely how each child responds to play, what their preferences are, how they like to work, how they problem solve, what gifts they are unconsciously developing.

When playing, there is no competition and no stress. That's how children learn best. In an environment that brings joy. It's also important to constantly validate and celebrate each child's milestones. As they play, Educators are always on hand to listen, engage and encourage.

3. It's for life!

Make believe is how children enact what they see in the world around them. It's how they make sense of the world. Playing actually builds important life skills. When children play, they interact with their peers and learn to negotiate, share, feel empathy for, figuring out what works and what doesn't. When we invite the local friendly firemen over with their big red trucks, the children learn about what they do and long after the firemen have left, the children will continue to play at being fireman, or doctor, or teacher, using the information they have gained from these professionals. It builds a sense of community and appreciation.

When the children go on a beach or bush kindy, they may be playing in nature, but they are really picking up valuable life lessons such as respecting our environment to leave only gentle footprints where they go. When the children are playing in TG's vegetable gardens and taking care of the plants or looking for bugs, they are also learning how to look after the living things around them, and fostering appreciation for Nature's abundance.

Even our Educators love playing and they are never too shy to go on a pretend tea party with the children, or play pirates with others, and they are always up for some 'messy' play with the children. Mud or water, just bring it on!

What we are proud of what we do at TG's is how the children will continue Playing it Forward long after they have left TG's. It's a legacy we would like each generation to pass on to the next. Are you ready for Playing is Learning for Life?

TG's Child Care locations and contact details:

Urangan QLD

+61 (07) 4184 2282 |

61 Miller St, Urangan, QLD 4655

Armidale NSW

+61 (02) 6772 7810 |

11 Samuelson Crescent, Armidale NSW 2350

Uralla NSW

+61 (02) 6778 3369 |

23B John St, Uralla NSW 2358

Wauchope - Hastings St NSW

33B Hastings St, Wauchope NSW 2446

Wauchope - High St NSW

+61 (02) 6585 3331 |

223A High St, Wauchope NSW 2446

Wauchope - Riverbreeze NSW

+61 (02) 6585 2981 |

3 Riverbreeze Drive, Wauchope NSW 2446


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About TG's Child Care

As one of Australia's leading early learning Preschool and Long Day Care providers, TG's Child Care is dedicated to its philosophy of “Quality Lifelong Learning, where Playing is Learning for Life.” Children attending TG's Child Care are encouraged to experience a love and joy of learning throughout their time there and are equipped with skills and tools to continue their personal growth long after they’ve left.

At TG's, we acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we are located, the people of the Anaiwan nation and extend that acknowledgement to elders past and present and all Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people. 


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