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A creative care package by TG's educators to help families in NSW through lockdown

There is a reason why TG's is felt by many to be an extended family. We are always there. Even through challenging times.

TG's educators are always ready to step up and go beyond when it comes to the care and wellbeing of the children and families. What we love and appreciate about our team of TG's educators is how they paddle the canoe together, especially when the waters are rough.

They have organised a creative care package for TG's children and families to help them through yet another difficult COVID lockdown period. With many families feeling overwhelmed and when uncertainty is the worrying feeling coursing through the days, TG's educators want them to know they are being supported by TG's.

These beautiful creative care packages have been lovingly put together by the educators for families to use and do during the week with the children. So even when the children are not physically at TG's, they continue to engage in Playing is Learning for Life, and they are learning to make the most of the situation and even have some joy in doing these activities with their families.

What's in the care package?

We love what the educators have put into this package, and we are so proud of them. When they put their hearts into doing something for the children and their families, they go full steam ahead. This is why coming to TG's is not just a job for them.

TG's educators have put into these special care packages:

  • Science Experiences

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Cooking experiences

  • Storytimes

  • Music and Movement

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There are lots to do at home with the children, and we know our families are going to enjoy this. We would love to share in our families' joy in participating in these activities, and it would be wonderful to see videos or photos of the children and their families doing these fun things together.

TG's educators understand families have a lot on their plate and the lockdown is causing them to have to make special arrangements. By providing families with activities they can do with the children, it takes a load off their backs, and ensures the children continue with a sense of familiarity in their learning and are not affected by an abrupt stop to what they love doing most. As we well know, TG's children love learning and are always curious. They take their learning with them wherever they are - every opportunity is a gift!

We are live!

And that's not all. Sometimes we feel our educators are really wizards and fairy godmothers in disguise. They are taking TG's daily curriculum live!

All families need to do is to tune in to TG's Facebook page each day to see interactive, engaging and exciting learning experiences the children can do at home with their families.

Every week, a variety of interactive group times will be shared by TG's educators. This includes story times, role plays, experiments and sing-alongs. So get ready for some fun!

TG's is always here to support our families and communities, and we continue to provide high quality education and care for the children even through trying times. Learning never really stops at TG's, and our educators are here to share their gifts with the families by preparing activities for the children to do at home.

TG's is still with our children and families even in their own homes. We are all eager for the situation to stabilise and be safe again for everyone to be together. Stay safe and remember to share your joyful learning experiences at home with us!


About TG's Child Care

As one of Australia's leading early learning Preschool and Long Day Care providers,

TG's Child Care is dedicated to its philosophy of “Quality Lifelong Learning, where

Playing is Learning for Life.” Children attending TG's Child Care are encouraged to

experience a love and joy of learning throughout their time there and are equipped

with skills and tools to continue their personal growth long after they’ve left.


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