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Here's how your journey with TG's Child Care will look like.

Settling in:

The first weeks are spent being with and listening to the children, planning activities and experiences that speak to them and which allows them to foster ties with other children and the educators. Children are given time to explore their new environment and gently familiarise themselves with their new routine. Our experienced educators are wonderful at settling new children and getting them excited to foster new friendships.

Ensuring TG's Children's Gardens pass the Panda test:

The Panda Test is a way to help TG's design what is needed within the outdoor environment to support and to involve TG’s educators, children, families and communities to effectively play, learn and care together. It also determines if children can develop eco-intelligence and become socially savvy.

The outdoor and indoor play spaces become a nurturing, secure and stimulating environment for children where Playing is Learning for Life.

Everything is provided for:

For children from 6 weeks to 6 years, TG's provide long hours of year-round care and education, healthy meals, hats, sunscreen, nappies and smiles, all in a fun-filled and caring environment.

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Celebrating Success Together:

Parents are presented their child’s Portfolio at the end of the year, which documents the development of their child from little baby steps to confident strides. Each child’s achievement is worth acknowledging and celebrating. Parents beam with pride when their children tell them excitedly about what each piece of work was about and their experiences. 

Playing is Learning for Life:

Through Play, children and educators learn about protecting their environment and become intellectually and socially eco-intelligent. At TG´s we empower young children to participate and engage with sustainability and the wider world around them, through a carefully designed curriculum that acknowledges and values children as citizens of the world and leaders of our future. 

Being eco-intelligent:

It is the responsibility of everyone to reduce waste, water, energy and toxins. Children become eco-intelligent through mud play, growing fruit and vegetables, gardening, recycling, worm farm and chook projects. 

TG's Meals are recognised by “Munch and Move” and “Good for Kids”:

At TG's, children see food in a different way, simply because TG's children learn where food comes from and how it ends up on their plate. When they experience growing their own food in TG's gardens, they cultivate a sense of appreciation and responsibility for what they eat. Practical knowledge and humble appreciation then become food for the soul.

TG's focus is on sustainability where the TG’s business model looks at how it impacts the environment, social and economy of where they are located.

That means early childhood education is about laying a sound intellectual, psychological, emotional, social and physical foundation for development and lifelong learning. It has an enormous potential in fostering values, attitudes, skills and behaviours that support sustainable development.

For example, educating children and educators on -

  • eco-intelligence like the wise use of resources which impacts the environment;

  • understanding Australia society and culture including cultural diversity, gender equality and democracy for social harmony;

  • savings and long term community economic support for sustainable business where they are located.

At TG's, we are family making your child’s early learning journey a loving and joyful experience together with you. TG's provides:

a nurturing, secure and stimulating environment

healthy meals for positive development

passionate, creative and highly qualified educators

focus on each child’s unique learning journey

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Why Choose TG's Childcare?

Families love and trust TG's Child Care.

TG’s Child Care is recognised by each community for high quality care, education and community engagements. 

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Our children's gardens must pass the Panda test.

The Panda Test is TG’s way to landscape design our outdoor environment,
gardens and creative play spaces using natural materials and resources to
ensure they are beautiful and suitable for young children’s learning and

A nurturing, secure and stimulating environment

TG's award-winning gardens is where Playing is Learning for Life, where educators and children have fun so they can learn and thrive.

A child is a true expert at playing and learning at the same time. Our children are natural inventors, explorers and problem-solvers when they are encouraged to be spontaneous and creative. Through the element of fun and play, TG’s children take their learning into their own hands. The outdoor and indoor play spaces become a nurturing, secure and stimulating environment for children where Playing is Learning for Life.  What they learn here is connected to their development curriculum indoors in the classrooms and also to their daily lives. They provide a rich learning ground for children to explore and share their skills.

Children connect their outdoor exploration to their development curriculum indoors. TG’s natural play spaces and gardens are recognised Australia-wide and have been carefully designed to provide stimulating areas where each child has their own unique challenges to assist their social, emotional, cognitive and creative development. It allows children to build an appreciation and understanding of nature, becoming eco-intelligent. These spaces engender curiosity and an attitude of responsibility and caring for the environment they live in.

That's why children, families and educators look forward to coming to TG’s every single day. TG’s is like a second home for our extended families. You are welcome to enter TG’s anytime to share, chat and learn with your child and our educators.  At TG’s you feel an expansive and nurturing energy that spreads to our children, educators, families and communities.

TG’s Meals are recognised by “Munch and Move” and “Good for Kids”.

Healthy Meals for Positive Development

At TG's, children see food in a different way, simply because TG's children learn where food comes from and how it ends up on their plate.


When they experience growing their own food in TG´s gardens, they cultivate a sense of appreciation and responsibility for what they eat. Practical knowledge and humble appreciation then become food for the soul.

Meal time is a fun time at TG’s and we encourage children to be curious
and open with food preferences. We talk about their experiences in the
garden and what they learnt about the food they eat. We see children
make daily achievements with their food preferences and celebrate these
achievements with their family at home.

TG’s also shares healthy, delicious recipes in their newsletters for families to try out at home with the children or suggest food challenges where children get to help wash, sort, chop vegetables at home. Having fun with cooking and building awareness of good nutrition happens both at TG´s and at home. All with an element of fun!

Passionate, creative and highly qualified educators

TG's maximises every child’s learning development and wellbeing through careful placement of our passionate, creative and highly qualified educators. 

Each educator's strength is recognised and matched to each group of children. The focus is on each child's interests, background, development levels and experiences to nurture, support and grow their unique gifts.

Our educators work with you to ensure your child develops socially, emotionally, physically and academically, expanding their young, inquiring minds through each developmental milestone. Listening to families and supporting their needs is an integral part of what our educators do.


TG’s is a highly appreciated learning environment by our educators as they encourage each other's career growth and development. They are given support and encouragement, just as they give to the children. 


Our educators observe each child carefully and plan appropriate experiences to promote and facilitate all key areas of development. Your child feels secure and safe and develop positive relationships with educators and peers and fully explore everything we have to offer.


TG's General Manager, Gayle Kee is actively involved with educators to maintain a high professional standard, modelling excellence and implementing best practice. 

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TG’s educators build an ongoing relationship with each child that starts on the first day and continues every day each child is with us.

Focus on each child’s unique learning journey

Every child is different so we focus on what each child knows, can do and understand.


Their learnings are extended and supported through positive interactions and building relationships with their peers and educators.

TG’s forms close partnerships with families, educators and members of the
community, all contributing to the children’s learning journey. Good
communication and conversations are an important part of what we expect
and deliver. Together we build meaningful relationships with each other in
our interactions that include care, kindness and respect. 

At the start of each year, we spend a lot of time carefully planning activities and experiences for the children, allowing them to get to know each other and us, and providing time for them to explore their new environment and familiarise themselves with their new routine.


We have a wonderful team of educators who are experienced in settling new children, making them feel safe and getting them excited to explore and foster new friendships.

We believe success is achieved through each child’s achievements and when parents celebrate with their child, beaming with love, pride and happiness.


“...You all make each child and family feel special. We thank you for going beyond your job to help Lily settle in. She loves it!”

Social Development

The development of social skills - getting along with others - is our underlying goal because children who are able to develop and maintain friendships are more likely to lead successful and productive adult lives. Social competence includes the ability to initiate and maintain relationships with others. A child must learn how to approach other children, how to negotiate issues that come up, how to take turns, and how to communicate effectively. Children’s social development is stronger when they have secure relationships with their parents and educators.

Behaviour Management

At TG's we believe in the importance of guiding and directing children toward acceptable behaviour, helping children gain inner controls. To develop self-discipline, we set limits, we offer children choices and opportunities to make decisions with an awareness of the logical consequences. We are clear, positive and firm. Our rules are simple, clear and enforced consistently. We explain the reasons behind the rules and get the children to be involved in setting up rules. This makes the experience relevant, empowering and engenders a sense of responsibility. We focus on cooperation and sharing. Taking turns, being patient and waiting form part of our activities and games. Children’s worries are acknowledged and we respect their ability to discuss about their feelings so they can feel reassured and understand the reasons in a safe, stimulating and caring environment. 

Behaviour management at TG's Child Care

Our role as educators is to guide children towards appropriate behaviours, providing learning opportunities to develop self-discipline and cooperation. 

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Neurologist Judy Willis showed how fun experiences increase levels of dopamine, endorphins, and oxygen – all elements that promote learning.

Preschool Programme

Ready for big school

The most important part about school readiness is the social and emotional maturity of your child to be able to cope with the demands of school. Firstly learning to separate from their parents or caregivers, developing responsibility for their belongings, interacting with educators and other children in various activities and making decisions about participating in activities. Children learn to listen and follow through on instructions, being able to concentrate for longer periods, and work with other children as they develop appropriate negotiation and conflict resolution skills. Ultimately, children are directing their own learning. They learn to be curious, they learn to love learning and feel proud about being invited to contribute to curriculum choices. The school readiness program begins the moment your child commences at any one of TG's Child Care centres.

Literacy Programme

The ability for children to communicate with others – through speaking, listening, reading and writing – is essential for success in school and in life. In our Preschool Programme, we plan experiences every day to help young children develop these important skills. At TG’s we use songs, rhymes, poems and stories to help children focus on the sounds of language, the foundation for later reading and writing.

At TG’s Child Care, we communicate with children. Speaking, listening and a well-developed vocabulary support reading and writing development. We provide meaningful and enjoyable early experiences, together with positive role models, to provide children with the foundations for their future education.

As Early Childhood Educators, we guide children by providing many opportunities for the children to develop and extend skills, and providing a well-balanced program for each individual child - allowing them to develop at their own pace, and maximising their strengths and potential.

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As Early Childhood educators, our job is not to create competition, or passing on facts and figures. It is to create an opportunity-rich environment for children to learn about themselves.

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