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The TG's Way

TG’s Child Care and Preschool (TG’s) has long recognised that Early Childhood daycare is an essential service in our community and has created a unique culture that stimulates the love of learning in an environment built on love, trust, respect, compassion and FUN!

Yes, we take FUN seriously to create an experience for joy and learning!

The TG's Way is how children learn respect for each other and a love of learning that will take them through to primary, high school and beyond as valuable and reliable members of our community.

Parents can feel the difference in TG’s. It’s a feeling that flows from every door and every playspace. It’s a feeling that comes from a happy and secure environment where Playing is Learning for Life. When parents walk into our centres they say ‘It feels so right’.

Everything Gayle and Trevor Kee have achieved at TG’s is based on their 3 foundation stones, which are Building Relationships, Understanding our Gifts and Encouraging Collective Thinking.

Let's look at them in turn.

​1: Building Relationships This forms the natural collaborative base of all interactions between our highly qualified educators and parents. We can then build a purposeful learning experience for each child which is amplified with TG's strong community engagements and socially responsible corporate actions. Children form relationships in our carefully designed natural play spaces and outdoor environments where Playing is Learning for Life.

2. Understanding our Gifts We attract the right people because of our belief in the continued development of our educators. To deliver the best education for children it's important that our staff have the right mind set to be TG's educators.

3. Collective Thinking This approach becomes the platform to support our hyper-growth systems that has a strength-based focus, modelling excellence and best practice.

The TG's Way is a culture that's embedded in our pillars of excellence to help us achieve our goals and grow.

 The TG's Way helps people feel they are part of our extended familyIt attracts and retains the right people to deliver the best education for childrenIt helps us build purposeful service delivery that goes above and beyondIt allows TG's to focus on delivering hyper-growth functional systems We believe success is achieved through each child’s achievements and when parents celebrate with their child – beaming with love, pride and happiness.

“The TG’s Way” has been so successful that Gayle and Trevor Kee have now opened 5 TG’s Child Care and Preschool Centres in Armidale, Wauchope and Uralla, proving that early childhood daycare is much more than just babysitting.

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