TG's Uralla September 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Sep 29

Welcome Spring. Welcome New Families.

September updates from TG’s Uralla

As we welcome Spring and the warmer weather ahead, we would also like to welcome our new families, friends, and educators into our beautiful TG’s family! Our team of passionate educators are excited to share all the fun, love and adventures had at TG’s with you all!

On behalf of management and educators at TG’s we would like to pass on our greatest gratitude and thanks to you all for being part of the TG’s family throughout 2020. We also would like to share our appreciation for all your gifts and feedback that you have shared throughout the year, supporting our continual growth!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

As per the current measures outlined within the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Guidance for Early Childhood Education and Care Services released by NSW

Health, TG’s Child Care requires all children, families and educators attending

the service to follow the practices outlined in the newsletter.

Should you require further information regarding our current centre practices

around hygiene and infection control, policies and procedures, please see your Centre Manager for support.

Read all about it!

Our September newsletter also includes important information such as:

  • Upcoming dates to note

  • Coronavirus health declaration form information and COVID-19 updates

  • Fee increase for 2020

  • 2021 re-enrolments

  • Do you know your car safety responsibilities?

  • Policy spotlight: Physical Environment Policy (Workplace Safety, Learning and Administration)

  • Introducing and getting to know our new members of the TG’s Family

  • TG's School Readiness Program

  • Recipe of the month – Banana, Coconut and Date Slice!

  • Joeys and Preschool news

TG's Uralla September Newsletter
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