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TG's is 20! And set for even more Fun and Adventures in 2018

TG´s is going to celebrate its 20th Anniversary and Gayle Kee is brimming with enthusiasm and excitement to share what is coming up for 2018!

2018 is going to bring amazing and fun (nothing less is acceptable!) plans. Trevor Kee is kept busy with establishing new playgrounds, renovating new environments and upgrading a lot of the indoor and outdoor spaces. It is also a time when centre managers are empowered to push through new ideas about additional services that TG´s could provide for the community, the children and their families, and always, with lots more fun and adventures!

Educators also have a lot to look forward to in 2018. Empowering educators is vital to helping TG´s grow in the future, and that involves encouraging educators to grow personally and professionally. We want to attract the right people and provide such a beautiful place to work that they will want to stay for good!

Gayle has utmost trust in and respect for her team of educators in letting them be responsible by having ownership for them to manage their centres. It is a natural chain of command where good and fun energy flows down to the team leaders, to the team players and to the children, their families and finally outwards to the community. Everyone is closely interconnected. TG´s can shine because everyone is here to share their gifts.

As always, whatever TG´s does it is with the benefit of the children in mind. This interconnectedness is part of the philosophy of TG´s, building relationships and extending the idea of family through the levels. Children are quick to pick up on vibes and when they see this amazing energy and enthusiasm flowing through from the educators it will inspire them to achieve their potential and grow their gifts.

Gayle is always brimming with energy, though we have found a way to get her goat - the idea of TG´s educators as babysitters! She is clearly very proud of TG´s educators as people who go beyond the role of childminding. Everything TG´s educators do is an opportunity to develop children through their developmental milestones from every aspect of their holistic being. 

That is what makes TG´s educators so passionate about what they do – they know they are making a difference every day in the lives of the children, the families and ultimately the community as well. It is beautiful to see TG´s educators loving what they do. For the educators, every child that walks in the door is part of TG´s extended family. That is the magic of TG´s – it is one big family and there is a very loving energy that you feel when you walk into every centre, and it is an energy that extends outwards to the community. 

"We now have 106 educators and only three are men! they are our gifts! They exemplify our three Foundation Stones - Building Relationships, Understanding our Gifts and Encouraging Collective Thinking" said Gayle in a recent interview in Focus.

"Several trainers and early childhood teachers have won national awards, while others have been given management and leadership positions. Cassie Cooper is our Centre Manager at Armidale - she is at the helm of the intricate task of finding the perfect match - assigning the right educators to each group of children, to create a dynamic and fun atmosphere to help the children reach their potential and inspire the educators to have a joyous time" Gayle added.

For Gayle, the ultimate compliment was when one of the families said how beautiful it was when TG´s came and opened our service in town. It feels really good to know that TG´s is making a difference. Families now have the opportunity to go back to work in the town and not have to look for services for their children outside the area. 

​What makes TG's so special is having our longtime educators go the extra mile, every single day. TG's is a beautiful place because of the people in it and they are part of the TG's family. By lovingly empowering educators, the children and families are nurtured and inspired. This joy naturally extends to the community.

2018 is going to be fun-filled and really exciting! TG´s children are going to be involved in community projects like taking part in the Thunderbolt Festival and visiting local services. The children were hard at work creating all sorts of wonderful and magical adornments for TG´s float! What is wonderful is again this beautiful energy that flows from the children into town as people talked about the TG´s float and what the children were wearing. There were lots of little elves and fairies flitting about! There is such a delightful buzz of excitement at TG´s with all the preparations! This is Playing, Learning, Living!


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