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Sharina Rankin's Beautiful Journey of Shaping Young Hearts and Minds

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Meet Sharina Rankin, one of our educators making a difference at TG's Urangan!

TG's educators come from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique gifts to share with TG's children, their team and the community.

Sharina was born in the Philippines and she moved to Australia when she was 11 months old. Her mother was from a Filipino heritage and her father is Australian.

Early Years ... and Now!

As a child, Sharina loved playing outside. She would be climbing a tree in the backyard or playing pretend with all kinds of natural materials around her. Rocks, bits of leaves and sticks became her ingredients for her imagination to really fly … and she gets to do this at TG's every day with the children! She was also very much into monster trucks, cars and speedways. Not surprisingly, Sharina's interests as an adult are motorbikes (road and dirt), cars and outdoor activities!

Pride and Joy

Sharina is proud of her accomplishments like getting her Bachelor of Business and then her Diploma in 2020. Sharina has been working in Early Childhood since July 2018 and she hopes to study for a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood one day.

She is also proud of being a memorable educator. The children she has had under her care remember the fun times and amazing experiences they had together.

What really drives her to continue enjoying what she does is when families bring a younger sibling to the centre so that they could also enjoy this amazing learning journey with Sharina.

Sharing her Gifts

Sharina is one to know that enjoying what one does is more important than being perfect at it, and she loves singing and dancing with the children at TG's! You definitely do not need to be a Pavarotti or Gene Kelly to enjoy doing that!

She loves using the arts as a way to encourage children to express their emotions and as an outlet for each child's unique creativity. Most of all, Sharina loves the fact that as an educator, she has the privilege of being witness to each child's learning journey, and to be able to share her gifts to help shape these beautiful young minds and hearts.

Simple Happiness

Sharina finds happiness wherever she goes. For her, it is simply taking the time to appreciate the little things in life.

She enjoys taking a walk along the pier, the beach or the esplanade, which are all readily available with the gorgeous beachside community she lives in! She is also ever ready to connect with nature, hiking in the bush and discovering a hidden world of colours, textures and smells, discovering little animals and plants along the way.

Something that would absolutely delight Sharina would be to have the ability to teleport! She has it down on her bucket list to see as much of the world as possible, and being able to teleport would be absolutely amazing!

There are 86,400 seconds in a day! You might have a bad 10 seconds, but don't let this spoil the other 85,390 seconds!

Paddling the Canoe Together

Each of the educators at TG's brings their own unique and special set of skills and experiences to the team. She sees the diversity of TG's educators as a beautiful element to add to the early years learning journey of TG's children. She is proud and excited to be part of the amazing team at TG's Urangan, and to know that as an educator, you never stop learning! Sharina is eager to continue growing as an individual and with her team to make a difference to each child's learning journey at TG's Urangan!

We welcome Sharina into our canoe and paddle together with joy!

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