Celebrating the Women at TG’s Child Care

We have been making the most of our time with Meg Barnden-Hyde at TG´s Childcare Uralla as she is starting as Centre Manager at TG´s Armidale from March 2019. We miss you, Meg! She is leaving TG´s Uralla in good hands with Bron Byers who is getting into the driver's seat all ready for her amazing journey with TG´s! And we are all eager to ride along! 

In March, we celebrate the women in our business. Both started with TG’s as a parent, then educator, team leader and now are Centre Managers at Armidale and Uralla.

They are absolutely convinced TG’s is an industry leader in child care. They know first-hand how TG’s makes a difference in each child’s early years with the quality care and education from educators, supporting their growth and learning through play. That’s why the TG’s Way is - Playing is Learning for Life.

“Going to TG's every day is awesome. It is our second family!” says Meg, “The children and their carers feel they are part of our family too.” ​ TG’s is such a rich environment, where building relationships and nurturing every single person’s gifts, is at the heart of everything they do. They have a lot of love to give and that shows every day through the smiles, laughter and hugs from the children.

Bron says that as mothers, their children are their biggest influencers in the work they do! “When we go to TG’s we do not stop being mothers. We become second mums to TG’s children!” ​ Both are known as the Mother Hens of TG's! As mothers and Centre Managers, they stay curious to the needs of each child, always listening and learning. Meg says. “Each child’s gifts are constantly being nurtured and it awesome to see each child discover them too, I just love it!” 

TG's Child Care

Playing it Forward with TG's.

TG’s Child Care is trusted by families as the stewardship of their children's future.  With our high quality early childhood practices and life-long learning, children are Playing it Forward from their very first day at TG's and onward into their future.

Our outdoor learning environment is the "Universe in Miniature" and we foster values, attitudes, skills and behaviours that support sustainable development. By showing care and respect today, we create a better environment for tomorrow.

Children can reach their fullest potential when we build meaningful engagements and partnerships with our families and community. At TG’s, we are making a positive and significant difference every single day. 

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