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Celebrating Milestones with Teagan McCloskey

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

TG's Urangan welcomes a new member of the TG's Family - Teagan McCloskey

Growing Up with Adventures

Born in Hervey Bay, Teagan moved to Mt Isa in her early years of school and she spent many holidays camping in places like Uluru, Darwin and Cairns. Much of her childhood was spent in the great outdoors exploring nature. As a child, she loved camping, sports and simply family holidays and hanging out with friends.

As the youngest of two older siblings, Teagan had two loving guides to go exploring and learning with.

She later moved back to Hervey Bay again and finished her studies at Xavier Catholic College.

First Step to TG's

Her love for childcare began in her middle years at school when she undertook Early Childhood Studies as a subject. She had a deep passion for understanding this area. Upon completing Year 12, she followed her passion and enrolled in Early Childhood Education at Tafe.

This was the first step she took that led her to where she is today - to become an educator at TG's Child Care. A part of the TG's Family.

What drives Teagan is being able to educate and nurture young children while watching them grow and develop in a safe, loving environment. And at TG's, she has found the right place to continue nurturing her passion.

Celebrating Milestones

Being outward bound is part of Teagan's nature, having grown up with a love for camping and letting her spirit be free in nature. Just like how TG's children spend time in TG's beautiful gardens and outdoor playspaces to explore and build strong, healthy bodies, Teagan was an active child who excelled at sports. She is proud of her achievements in this area.

At TG's, we love celebrating the children's milestones with their families, and Teagan has her milestones that she celebrates too. She completed her Year 12 at Xavier Catholic College in 2020 and enrolled in her Diploma in Early Childcare at Tafe in 2021.

We are eager to continue with Teagan on her personal learning journey as an educator at TG's and celebrate more milestones to come!

Teagan's Idea of Happiness

Happiness is a feeling of joy and being content with the journey of life. My happiest is when I'm doing what I'm most grateful for, such as being outdoors, around family and friends and physical activity.

And she also wishes she could be a superhero that can fly, which would be very thrilling! For the moment, we are simply glad that Teagan is not flying anywhere else, and is right here with us at TG's!

Life Lessons

Teagan's simple life lessons

  1. Be true to myself.

  2. Always be there for my friends and family.

  3. Follow my dreams and never give up.

  4. Be open to new experiences and challenges.

We love how her life lessons blend in with TG's values.

Children are given the safe, loving and open space here to be themselves and explore their gifts. Everyone's voice is heard and respected in TG's environment that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. We form strong partnerships with our families and communities and all around us is a rich universe that offers us precious life lessons. We encourage not just the children but also our educators to go further to their fullest potential. At TG's, every opportunity is a gift for new experiences and challenges.

The Right Place

Teagan has definitely found the right place to be at TG's. She is looking forward to being part of a caring, supportive team while working with families to care for their children in a caring and loving environment.

And Teagan is eager to continue improving and learning as an educator. There will be many more milestones to come, and TG's is right here to support her to achieve her fullest potential.

Welcome Teagan, and we are looking forward to all the opportunities she will have to shine!

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About TG's Child Care

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TG's Child Care is dedicated to its philosophy of “Quality Lifelong Learning, where

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