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Been there, done that. How NOT to be Super Mum

The TG's Way built on love, trust, respect, compassion and FUN!

Gayle Kee is a mother, grandmother and working mum. Like you, she's been through all that you've experienced trying to be Super-Mum juggling between work and motherhood and challenging the "mother guilt" feeling about returning to work. 

With over 32 years as a pre-school teacher, Gayle feels for parents struggling between work, home and raising children. She knows what it's like and wanted to make a difference, helping parents nurture their children so parents don't feel guilty about working or taking some well-earned time out. According to the 2013 Annual Child Care Survey many parents feel ''mother guilt'' is the hardest thing about returning to work.

That’s how TG’s Child Care and Preschool was born. In 1998. We created a unique culture that stimulates the love of learning in an environment built on love, trust, respect, compassion and FUN! Yes, we want Mums to have fun too - Super Fun not Super Mum. Mums can enjoy moments with their child any time at TG's - just pop in! Watch their child make daily achievements and celebrate those achievements together as a family at home.

TG's and parents work together to create an experience for joy and learning! It's the TG's Way.


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