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Linda Hutchinson - Centre Manager
TG's Child Care, High St, Wauchope

Linda Hutchinson.jpg

Children are my world! They have so much to teach us and I absolutely love interacting with them. I often think I am lucky to have a job where I get to work with children. We blend in well together as I am a happy person who believes laughter is a must-have every single day. And what better place to get all that than to work with children at TG´s where you often hear laughter rippling through the corridors! 

 Education for me is a two-way street. TG´s is so special to me because here we build relationships with the children and their families so when they come to us, it is like an extension of their homes. They feel welcome and respected and the children know TG´s is a safe place full of fun and love for them to learn and grow. 

I have three boys (15, 13 and 10 years old) and we spend a lot of time around motorbikes, the beach and sports, all in the beautiful place Bonny Hills where we call home. My partner and my three musketeers are a jolly rowdy lot so sometimes I also need to have some girly time with my sisters and friends going out on our coffee-and-pamper dates! 

I have a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and I was introduced to childcare in 2000 when Gayle and Trevor opened their first centre in Wauchope. I completed my traineeship and was working until I had my first son. I did not hesitate to contact Gayle when I was ready to get back to childcare in 2005. TG´s has been my other family for 18 years now. I think what brings us back to TG´s again and again even after leaving it is how family-oriented it is. It does not feel like trudging to work every day for us. We work together and we play together (and outside of TG´s too!). What I really appreciate is how we genuinely care for each other. As a team, we know we have got each other´s backs and we are there to acknowledge and build each other´s gifts. 

I have never looked back since joining TG´s again and I cannot imagine working anywhere else. Gayle and Trevor are wonderfully inspiring people. They never stop giving us opportunities to grow and shine. Considering they are running five centres, they somehow find the time, energy and sincerity to make you feel important and valued! This is definitely one place I can call home!

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