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Why Choose TG's Childcare?

At TG’s, we are family making your child’s early learning journey a loving and joyful experience together with you

Families love and trust TG’s because we provide: 

1. A nurturing, secure and stimulating environment
TG's provides a nurturing, secure, stimulating environment where Playing is Learning for Life for every child and for each of our educators as well. You and your child are our extended family. We welcome families to enter TG’s anytime, just like a second home, to share, chat and learn with your child and our educators. Children, families, educators and the community grow together with TG’s in an environment that is nurturing, loving, caring and fun. When Playing is Learning for Life, it  generates an expansive and nurturing energy that spreads to our children, educators, families and communities.

2. Passionate, creative and highly qualified educators
At TG’s, our passionate, creative and highly qualified educators work with you to ensure your child develops socially, emotionally, physically and academically, expanding their young, inquiring minds through each developmental milestone. Listening to families and supporting their needs is an integral part of what our educators do. They help children develop meaningful relationships with each other in their interactions that involve care and respect. TG’s is a highly appreciated learning environment by our educators as they encourage each other's career growth and development. They are given support and encouragement, just as they give to the children. 

Our General Manager, Gayle Kee is actively involved with educators to maintain a high professional standard, modelling excellence and implementing best practice. 

3. Focus on each child’s unique learning journey
Every child is different so we focus on what each child knows, can do and understand. Their learnings are extended and supported through positive interactions and building relationships with their peers and educators. We believe success is achieved through each child’s achievements and when parents celebrate with their child, beaming with love, pride and happiness. 

Building relationships, understanding your gifts and collective thinking are the biggest gifts we can give to you and your child. They allow us to provide an environment of love, trust, respect, compassion and fun. 





Why our Families Love TG’s Childcare 

“We moved from Sydney about 4 months ago, having to put our son in care 5 days a week for the first time. As soon as we stepped foot into TG’s we knew it was the “one”! It is clear that all the staff are caring and passionate in what they do. We highly recommend TG’s!
Matthew Hayden

“We love TG's Child Care at High Street, Wauchope. Our youngest has been attending since the doors opened and is now there five days a week. It is like his second family there, the staff treat him with love and respect, and care about the events in his life that will shape his existence, they worry when he is sad, rejoice when he is elated, and encourage him to be himself all the way, and this is whilst doing the exact same for forty other children of differing ages. The staff are all amazing from the front desk, to the kitchen, all the way to each and every room. Thank you for such dedication to your craft. I recommend to all if they need care for their little ones prior to commencing school and want their kids to have a great head start then TG's is the place to be".
Ronald Scott


“...You all make each child and family feel special. We thank you for going beyond your job to help Lily settle in. She loves it!”

“...Couldn't have asked for a better place to start her learning journey”.

“...Warm and welcoming - not only to the kids but to parents as well”.

“...Kids got toilet trained!”

“...As a mum, it feels so right to have my child in such a fantastic environment”.

Parents can feel the difference in TG’s. It’s a feeling that flows from every door and every playspace. It’s a feeling that comes from a happy and secure environment where Playing is Learning for Life. When parents walk into our centres they say ‘It feels so right’.

“...You all make each child and family feel special. We thank you for going beyond your job to help Lily settle in. She loves it!”

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