TG's Child Care Early Learning Centre where Playing is Learning for Life

Welcome to TG's Child Care

TG's Child Care Australia's award winning early learning centre
Preschool and Long Day Care

TG’s provides Life Long Quality Care and Learning.

Families say TG’s Child Care just feels right. It's a feeling that flows from every door and every play space. It’s a feeling that comes from a happy and secure environment where Playing is Learning for Life. 


TG’s Child Care is a big, loving family. Children connect with each other, their educators, families and the community to explore interests, creativity and abilities! ​

At TG's Child Care we offer Preschool and Long Day Care services for children from 6 weeks to 6 years.

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Armidale, NSW 

Uralla, NSW 

Hastings St Wauchope, NSW 

High St Wauchope, NSW 

Riverbreeze Wauchope, NSW

Urangan, QLD

Playing is Learning for Life


TG's Child Care is famous for its award-winning gardens and that means children can play and learn in natural spaces.


The TG's family makes your child’s early learning journey a loving and joyful experience together with you.

The TG's Way is how children learn respect for each other and cultivate a love of learning that will take them through to primary, high school and beyond as valuable and reliable members of our community.

We welcome you to join the TG's Family.​

TG's Child Care

TG's is the stewardship of children's future.

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TG’s Child Care is a member of ECA – Early Childhood Australia and ACA - Australian Childcare Alliance

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