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The Power of a Child's Laugh

Updated: May 7, 2021

Belinda Russo is our University-qualified Early Childhood Teacher and the Team Leader in our Kindergarten Room at TG's Child Care, Urangan.

TG's Child Care is Belinda's natural environment and where she is most in her element.

For Belinda, her definition of happiness is “a child´s biggest and loudest laugh”.

And we have lots of laughing and fun at TG's every single day! This is a service where playing takes centrestage, because Playing is Learning for Life. Our educators are also nurtured by TG's culture of fun that gets everyone involved in inclusive play and enquiry-based learning.

When Belinda is with the children, hearing their laughter as they discover something new in TG's beautiful gardens and playspaces, sharing in their excitement when they try something for the first time, and feeling proud when a child beams excitedly as they complete a new task and achieve their developmental milestones is what makes being at TG's so meaningful to her.

The marvellous world of children and childcare, how children think and develop, and what motivates them have been part of Belinda's passion for over 20 years. She has dedicated these two decades of her life to early childhood studies and her career.

Belinda started her early childhood studies in high school. She clearly knew from an early age that this was going to be her vocation and passion for life. She knew if she wanted to learn as much as she could about this industry, she would have to go the whole mile and complete a university degree to become an Early Childhood teacher. And that was exactly what she did, and every sacrifice and all of her hard work has paid off and been so rewarding and well worth it. It brought her to TG´s Child Care, and this is a beautiful and natural environment to allow her to continue to grow and develop her skills and share her experience and individual gifts with the children.

For Belinda, being an educator gives her the reward of having the opportunity to make a real difference in each child's early learning trajectory. It is a highly fulfilling role to be entrusted with and every child that grows and feels heard, seen and loved under her care is what motivates her to keep going, growing and learning.

It is a role that has no end, and what you put in, you definitely get back ten times over. Being an early childhood educator is what lights up Belinda from the inside out.

In fact, if Belinda could be a superhero, she would want to have a superpower where she could deliver rainbows to people during difficult times and use that power to save the world.

Belinda herself has received rainbows from the children in her care and she knows the amazing power of that to lift everyone's spirits, mindsets and morale. On more challenging days, a child's simple and natural burst of laughter is what picks Belinda up and energises her. It is definitely a free, ecological, clean source of energy that is always renewable and that energises those who receive it! Sustainability is very much part of TG´s way of life and this is one energy source we have lots of!

Belinda is excited to be a part of this wonderful team of amazing early childhood educators at TG's Child Care, Urangan and she sees her future colleagues not as simply peer educators, but like-minded and passionate advocates in the rich world of early childhood education. Even when we are clear about our own personal vocation and passion, it is so valuable to be with others who share the same enthusiasm, sense of fun and joy doing what they do.

The TG´s Family is always growing and it keeps doing so across our communities. We welcome Belinda warmly to our beautiful TG's family, with love, respect, compassion, kindness and lots of fun. And of course, we look forward to lots of spirited, joyful laughter from the children engaging in curious and creative exploration of TG´s natural, safe and supported environment with Belinda!

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About TG's Child Care

As one of Australia’s leading early learning Pre-school and Long Day Care providers,

TG’s Child Care is dedicated to its philosophy of “Quality Lifelong Learning, where

Playing is Learning for Life.” Children attending TG’s Child Care are encouraged to

experience a love and joy of learning throughout their time there, and are equipped

with skills and tools to continue their personal growth long after they’ve left. In

addition to the Urangan campus, TG’s Child Care has five others in New South

Wales: in Armidale, three in Wauchope, and in Uralla.

We are at 61 Miller St, Urangan, Hervey Bay, QLD.

Telephone: (07) 4184 2282

TG's Child Care Urangan is licensed for 73 places for children 6 weeks to 6 years. We are open 52 weeks a year except for public holidays from 6.30 am to 6.30 pm.


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