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TG's Energy Program Reaps Dividends

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

We've made energy saving a priority in the business, by educating staff, taking energy bills into meetings, using LED lights, and installing solar panels but nothing has saved us money like the NSW Business Chamber’s energy comparison service. 

With five Long Day Centres, 136 staff and more than 670 children, energy cost is a big part of our business expense. We have to deal with different climates, Armidale in winter and Wauchope in summer so just turning air conditioning off is not an option for us to save money.

This winter has been particularly hard because we’ve had such low temperatures on the tablelands — we’re talking -10℃ and -15℃ — that some of our air-conditioning systems aren’t designed for these subzero temperatures, so we’ve been advised to leave them running 24/7. It’s supposedly more efficient to keep the heating on consistently, and that’s a huge cost.

The new provision helps Businesses Chamber members and non-members access affordable energy by comparing current energy providers; finding the best deal for each business, home, or circumstances, and walking users through the bills of their current provider for missed opportunities.   

We've already identified huge annual savings that we can put back into the business as resources for the children and training opportunities for staff.

That's why we support the New Business Chamber energy initiative. If you’re interested in comparing energy deals and seeing if the chamber can save you money, regardless of whether it’s your business or home, book for a comparison call at ​


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