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TG's Child Care Armidale June Newsletter

Communicating with Families

How TG's Child Care Communicates with Families

There are many ways TG's communicates with families. 

  • Daily conversations

  • eMails

  • Newsletters

  • Social Media

  • Messenger

  • TG's Year End Book

TG´s Year End Book

Each child has their own unique story to tell. We put together a compilation of the work they have done over the year in a special Year End Book. This is where you can see your child’s first drawing, when they first grabbed a pencil and proudly wrote their own name, their interpretation of the world around them, how they see their families, friends and communities. Each piece of work tells a story and is an open invitation to your child’s world.

We teach children respect by respecting their work, their views and their achievements. That is why the TG's Year End Book is a little treasure we want to share with families. Children love sharing their experiences with their families.

TG's Year End Book shows parents the learning journey of their child from little baby steps to confident strides. We acknowledge and celebrate each child’s achievement. Parents beam with pride when they see how excited their children are in learning and how they are growing in confidence through each milestone. 

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