Nateasha Hall, Joyful Childhood Then and Now

Nateasha Hall is now part of TG's Family at TG's Child Care Urangan

Our educators at TG's Child Care spend every day creating beautiful childhoods for the children who come through our doors.

Joyful Childhood Then

Nateasha is one of our educators at TG's Urangan and she has oodles of beautiful memories of her childhood. She remembers spending hours just playing outdoors with her older sister, climbing up trees or playing cricket or soccer. Taking the family dog out for walks was as much fun for the dog as it was for Nateasha. She was also quite an expert at playing hide-and-seek and knew all the nooks and crannies to hide away while waiting to be found. One of her favourites would have to be playing Crack the Egg on the Trampoline! Being a child meant endless hours of fun, exploring, experimenting and simply doing what a child does best - play!

Still Joyful Now

Now Nateasha lives with her partner and two dogs who love sinking their paws on the sandy beach on long walks. She has not lost her joy of exploring and playing and she loves going on camping trips with her partner to get away, discover new nooks and crannies and enjoy nature. She may no longer be trying to crack an egg on a trampoline but she gets just as much fun and joy from books and reading.

Born in Belmont, New South Wales, Nateasha was in foster care for 17 years. She is now with her biological family and has been here for almost three years.

Part of the Learning Journey

Nateasha has worked in Early Childhood for three years and has obtained her Certificate 3 in Early Childhood and Education. Getting her certificate is something she is very proud of, and also because it enables her to become part of the children's learning and development in a happy and healthy environment at TG's. What drives her to give her best is seeing how wonderful and unique each child is. For Nateasha, each child learns differently based on their own interests and experience and every single child can always learn and grasp concepts very quickly.

Happiness is being able to laugh and enjoy the good times in the moment and to be comfortable with yourself and around others.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Children are full of laughter and are always up for a good story. Nateasha recalls a funny incident walking on the sand bar in Urangan. She was caught by a high tide that was approaching fast. She got stuck in the middle of the sand bank and even though she tried to get to the emergency ladder, the water was coming up too fast for her to get to it. In the end she had to swim her way back!

When we bring out the child in us, we can bring out the spunky, adventurous and light-hearted side of us in a situation and find a way to solve the problem! At TG's, the children are supported in a safe and loving environment to get curious with different experiences, explore possibilities, and the educators are there to celebrate every single milestone!

Perhaps if Nateasha had her secret superhero wish when she was stuck on the sand bank, she would have flown away easily and soared to many other places to make the most of her bird's eye view of our beautiful planet!

Simply Be Kind

Something that Nateasha had learnt through her life and professional career is to always be kind to one another and treat people the way we want to be treated. We never know what is going on in another person's personal life.

Keeping an open mind is something children do naturally - they are curious and open to possibilities. At TG's, children build meaningful relationships with each other that involve care, kindness and respect. TG's also welcomes, nurtures and recognises the gift of families from different backgrounds and cultures. This helps TG's to foster strong ties with their local communities. Children work together in an environment of inquiry where they learn, value and respect what each individual brings to the community. Among TG's educators, the same values are fostered - everyone has a voice and is listened to. This is how TG's educators build an environment based on Collective Thinking to achieve excellence.

Nateasha's beautiful childhood continues at TG's where she is looking forward to getting to know the families and the educators. This is her new family where she is a part of creating a beautiful, wonderful learning and loving experience for the children. This is a space filled with joy and kindness where children can grow and learn. And we are so proud to have Nateasha as a part of this family!

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